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We started with a single goal: To change the way wine is served to match the way we live.

Our vi...sion was simple: Deliver a fully automatic appliance that perfectly preserves and chills wine so we can enjoy it one glass at a time.

It began with a simple question.

If we could wake up every morning and have the perfect cup of coffee on demand, why couldn’t we have the perfect glass of wine in the evening?

We were tired of wanting a glass but not wanting to waste the bottle, or pouring good wine down the drain because it had been open too long. Some nights we wanted a glass of red and our partner wanted white, but we didn’t want to open two bottles. And we were frustrated with waiting for our wine to reach serving temperature, and trying to keep it there.

We wanted to enjoy each glass just as the winemaker intended. So we set out to build an appliance that was beautiful enough to look great in our living room or on our kitchen counter, and advanced enough to fully automate preservation and cooling. We wanted it to be easy enough to use that it would become a part of our routine.

For love of wine™.

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PLUM - 2 Bottle Countertop Automatic Wine Dispenser (PLUM01-1)

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