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  • Preserves TWO standard 750ml bottles of wine simultaneously for up to 90 days! Never waste another bottle.
  • When you place a bottle inside the Plum wine dispenser, Plum identifies your wine, chilling it to its ideal serving temperature so you can enjoy the perfect glass at a single touch.
  • Plum pierces the top of ANY cork or screw-off top with its powerful motorized system, then pressurizes the bottle with harmless argon gas. 
  • When you are ready to drink, Plum then extracts the wine for you.
  • Plum’s two separate cooling chambers set the perfect serving temperature for each varietal, so you can have sauvignon blanc at 46 degrees and cabernet at 66 degrees.
  • Plum has a built-in automated cleaning system, so it's always ready to pour the perfect glass.
  • Plum is changing the game with wine appliances, and there is truly nothing like this on the market. 


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