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When you ship, we plant!

We are proud to announce that when you order LHB, you do your part to keep our planet green.

Working through our delivery partnership with FreightClub and One Tree Planted, when you order one of our FreightClub-delivered brands 100% of CO₂ emissions on those shipments are offset – at no cost to you.

Simple, more sustainable shipping.

Freight Club offsets 100% of CO₂ emissions on every shipment – at no cost to you.

For every shipment made through FreightClub, they plant trees that will offset carbon emissions from shipping over their lifetime.

The initiative supports reforestation across the United States, promoting clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity.

“Carbon offsetting” simply means balancing the CO2 that is emitted during the shipping process with a positive environmental impact that absorbs the same amount of carbon emitted. We’re doing it – in partnership with One Tree Planted – by planting trees, which are natural absorbers of carbon.

Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol calculation (the same standard used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies), we first determine the impact of a shipment and how much CO2 is emitted in its transport. Next, we determine how much CO2 a tree can absorb. For this, we rely on our partner,One Tree Planted.

Right now we are able to ship U-Line, Azure, Perlick, Plum, and NewAir through FreightClub and we work to ship more sustainably every day.

The One Tree Planted team is doing inspiring work across the globe, planting over 15 million trees (as of 2020) in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. As part of their mandate, they’re also helping to educate the public on the importance of trees in maintaining clean air, clean water, biodiversity, as well their importance to our health, climate, and communities. 

Trees are nature’s superhero, directly absorbing CO2 as well as other pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ozone, dust, and smoke.

That means clean oxygen for us to breathe. Trees keep our water supply clean, prevent natural disasters caused by erosion, and are the home to countless species.

Yes, trees really are that important!

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