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Too soon

Our remodel is still in progress and the unit is still in the box. Try again in 6 weeks!

Fervor™: 5-Piece Sake Set (2149)

It appears to be excellent at this time, no problems

I am happy with the wine refrigerator

Smith & Hanks - 24" 178-Can Single-Zone Built-in/Freestanding Beverage Center (RE100012)

All Good

So far all is well, unit unbelievably quiet, looks great in our space

Stainless Steel Bottle Chiller by Viski® (4361)

Love these!!

Great glasses!!

PLUM - Countertop 2 Bottle Automatic Wine Dispenser (PLUM01-1)

Great product

Purchased for a restaurant. Standing up to the riggors of a busy bar, and simultaneously, beautiful. Very happy.

Best Under cabinet bar on the market

I have a small hotel and we wanted a wine beer Refrig that looks greta and uses space efficiently. This unit is the best on the market. I took along time to review products before I settled on this item.


This beer Froster imhas many dope features but Turbo mode is my favorite! It get drinks extremely cold very fast! I don't drink beer but I filled it up with drinks for my family and it has really came in handy for these hot summer days! Plus the aesthetic is very pleasing! The LED light Is a nice touch because you don't have to open the fridge to see what's in it, which save you energy costs!! A+

A must HAVE !!

I've had my Beer Froster for 2 months & it's the best small Fridge Ever. My husband absolutely loves it. We have it right next to our dining table and my husband can just reach over to get a beer after a long day at work.

Amazing beer froster!

I have had this beer froster for a couple of weeks and I am in love with it! It has so much space for beer and beverages. I love the party mode because it can frost your beer in an hour or less! That is perfect if I need beer cold fast when I am entertaining. It has sleek design, so looks beautiful displayed in my dining area. This beer fridge is very high end and looks very expensive. You will sure impress guest when you grab them a beverage out of your new beer froster.

Great for my mancave!

I was worried about the noise, since the location is near my home theater, but this unit is very quiet. Also, it looks very nice in my kitchen area.

Fantastic Product - Highly Recommend

I purchased this product a month ago and have been very happy with it. I really like the ease of the sliding, adjustable shelves because it makes it extremely easy to view bottles (and allows all of my bottles to fit). It's also extremely easy to use, including the ability to set temperatures on both the top and bottom.

Love this Wine Cooler!

I really like this wine cooler and its design. Some of my favorite features are the adjustable shelves, lighting, but more importantly, that its dual zone! Great for keeping both reds and whites at the perfect temps, without needing two separate coolers! I also like that you can adjust the door to open in either direction, depending on individual needs.

I would buy this product again in a heartbeat!

The Dual Zone 116 Bottle Wine Cooler is a compressor powered classy appliance that holds a great amount of wine bottles. We personally like the adjustable, slide out shelves and the gold LED lighting.

The Best cooler for your collectibles

I started out with smaller model for the office to have quick access to wines on the way to dinner about 5 years ago and love it . I just recently got the bigger size for home and it works even better at keeping my white and red wines at the perfect temperatures with the dual zone feature. the best bang for the buck and it's a So Cal based company with great customer care service

Cadillac of Beer Fridges!

This beer fridge is awesome! Always keeps beer at perfect temperatures and gets tons of compliments from guests when they come over. The turbo and party modes is what sets this fridge apart from the others! Highly recommend!

Perfect Upgrade for our wine collection

This wine fridge is a great upgrade from the 32 bottle fridge we had before, the lighting inside makes it look great and would fit into just about any room. It is quiet and holds perfect temprature in both zones. The only complaint i have is that the shelves are so tight to standard bottles that you have to remove a shelf or two for even moderatly wider bottles. This is easy however, so it really isn't a problem other than lowering the actual capacity of the fridge.

Worth the investment!

For those of us who simply can't afford a walk-in cooler, this unit is perfect (116 bottles capacity). I love the dual zone digital temperature controls, as well as, the integrated locking mechanism. The smoked tinted-glass door will definitely protect your wines from ultraviolet light. The wood racks slide right out to accommodate larger bottles. The gold LED lighting definitely gives it that extra touch of class. Not to mention, the reversible door, in-home delivery, and 1-year warranty. This unit is a must have for every home!!

The perfect gift

Love the look of this unit, especially the gold LED lights that have 2 settings. The duel temperature is a important feature to me, I love my whites and he loves reds. The light wood shelving extends all the way so it's easy to grab bottles on the back row of the removable shelves. The 116 bottle capacity is a perfect size that also has room on the very top and the bottom shelf that can accommodate champagne size bottles. The stainless steel exterior blends perfect with the rest of our appliances and I like that the locking mechanism is at the bottom of the unit.

Beautiful Wine Cooler

I'm absolutely in love with this wine cooler. The stainless steel and beech wood shelves fit in perfectly with our decor and it holds SO many bottles. When we have company over, I love to turn on the golden lights to display all the beautiful bottles. Plus, I love that this wine cooler is dual zone. That means that I can enjoy white wine straight out of the wine cooler without having to ice it further.

Great wine cooler, love the look!

I love the cooler! It is the perfect size to fit in the space I had. Both zones hold the temperature quite well. The lighting and glass door really make this look nice. My only complaint, but one that I knew when I bought it, is that it is hard to fit wider body bottles (e.g. pinot noir) into the regular shelves. Since I tend to drink a lot of pinot noirs, I just have to fit them into the top and bottom shelves which are larger.

Great product!!

I bought this wine cooler so I could store my red wine over the hot summer. It works well, the drawers pull out easily and the multi-temperature (for both white and red wine) is really handy. I'd by it again!! And PS -- excellent customer service with the company following up to make sure I'm happy with their product. Good job, guys!

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