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Warranty Information


In general, our products are backed by limited warranties issued by our manufacturers that typically cover parts and/or service for 1-3 years.

We are also proud to offer extended warranties through our customer success partner Clyde. See Extended Warranty information below.

For manufacturer warranty claims, please reach out to manufacturers directly via the links below, or email us at

For Clyde extended warranty claims utilize the Clyde dashboard.



For more information on Allavino's manufacturer warranty, visit their FAQs page here.


To register your product, please visit click here.


For more information on Kegco's manufacturer warranties, please visit their FAQs page here.

Note: You may want to open this in an incognito window as their security permissions occasionally expire.


For more information on Kingsbottle's manufacturer warranties, click here.


NewAir provides a one year limited warranty. For more information, please visit their warranty page here.


For more information on Perlick limited manufacturer warranties, please visit their warranty page here.  


For more information on Summit warranties, please click here


To register your product, click here.


Extended Warranties

Clyde Information: 

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