10 Reasons Why You Need a Beverage Center

A beverage center is used to store both cold drinks and wine. It is smaller than the normal refrigerator, which enables them to use less energy, which in turn saves you from the headaches of racked-up electricity bills.

They also come in all shapes and sizes to fit your every need!

If you regularly have guests over, or just enjoy a cold beer after work, but your beer cans take up space in your refrigerator, a beverage center will be a great addition! 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a beverage center:

1. Save Money

A beverage center is usually smaller in size as compared to the normal refrigerator. Due to its small size, it normally uses less energy. A beverage center has adjustable chrome metal shelves or glass shelves with holes for improved circulation of cold air.

You could definitely save some money by investing in a good beverage center. Don’t know which one to get? Check out our list here.

2.  Make Entertaining Hassle Free

Having guests over and your refrigerator gets too full of food and beverages? Why not have a designated place for your beverages? This will also save you when you have unexpected guests.

Our beverage centers will also fit in well in your game room or home gym, saving you the trip upstairs to grab a cold beer or water!

3. Restrict Unauthorized Use

Beer or wine in the refrigerator is easily accessible by kids. It is difficult to lock your refrigerator because it contains other food and drinks used by the rest of the family. Most of our beverage centers come with locks, so they allow you to restrict your beverages to only those with the key.

4 Save Space

You can easily incorporate a beverage center under your cabinets or at a corner in your kitchen. You will clear out space taken over by cans in your fridge and have more space for foodstuff.

Hate the taste of food in your beer or wine because you store it in the fridge? A beverage center is the way to go!

5. Add an aesthetic feature in your home

Other than the many cool benefits beverage centers come with, they also have sleek designs that add an aesthetic look in your home.  Many beverage centers have a glass door which displays its contents. This will definitely be the highlight of the party next time you have guests over.

6. Accommodate your large family!

A bigger family means less space in your refrigerator, which means less space for drinks, which means not so cold drinks! Who wants that? 

With a beverage center, you can easily accommodate all your drinks and keep them cold, while leaving space in your fridge to store your family’s food and drinks. Beverage centers have specifically designed shelves to maintain the quality of your beverages.

7. Choose your desired temperature

A normal refrigerator or mini bar usually does not allow you to choose your desired temperature for your beverages, which is a disadvantage when it comes to drinks such as wine that need to be stored at a particular temperature.

However, beverage centers allow you to set temperatures specific to the type of beverage you are storing. Wine and craft beer is especially sensitive to temperature, and our beverage centers will allow for the right temperature for these products.

8. Choose where to have your beverage center

You can use the space you have, by deciding whether to have a free standing beverage center, which is normally placed on its own. They are intended to be used as a stand-alone unit, open into the room's environment. 

You can also opt for a built-in beverage center which is fitted inside a cabinet. Whichever type of beverage center you choose, you are guaranteed efficient use of space.

9. Easily Display Your Items 

If you run a convenience store, a bar or a restaurant, a beverage center provides an advertising opportunity. With its glass doors, customers can easily see what is being sold. If the beverages are easily seen, this will boost impulse buying which will in turn boost your beverage sales. Place your beverage center near the counter top or at a centralized place that  is at eye level with customers.

10. Accommodate all types of drinks

Beverage center shelves are adjustable, allowing for storage of beverages of all shapes and sizes. You will be able to store a variety of odd shaped bottles or cans with ease.

A beverage center is a great purchase, whether for your home, store, bar, or restaurant. They are really not given enough credit when it comes to the many advantages as discussed above.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse through the list of our beverage centers here.