The holidays are coming soon, so we thought we’d help you out with the shopping…

Whether you’re a diligent planner or a last-minute buyer, this guide is bound to have something for each of your loved ones.


Gifts for the Wine Aficionado

Let’s start with everybody’s favorite. Because is there such a thing as a non-wine lover?

Wine drinkware

There’s no time like the holidays to upgrade someone’s wine experience. This 3-Piece Angled Crystal Bordeaux Set, for example, makes the perfect offering for a cozy dinner in. And while we’re at it – if you’re planning your own wine & dine, you can always upgrade your glassware too. Any red, white, or rosé your guests select will look even better in this Faceted Crystal Wine Decanter. Finally, you can gift your wine-lover some original wine-cooling glassware like these FREEZE™ Wine Glasses.

Wine display

It’s always a good idea to get a wine-lover something that helps show off their good taste. This Metal and Wood Wine Rack makes the perfect gift for the average wine collector to display their favorite bottles. But when you’re dealing with a true connoisseur, there’s only one gift that can’t go wrong: a Luxury Wine Cooler. Take your pick from our vast selection depending on your budget and the size of your receiver’s collection! And if you’re overwhelmed with the choices, you can check out our Ultimate Wine Cooler Buying Guide or call us for some help.

 Metal and Wood Wine Rack by Twine® (2741)



Gifts for the whiskey lover

There’s a lot you can gift a whiskey lover. For your traditional drinker, the Admiral™ 3-Piece Decanter & Tumbler Set is a great choice – your receiver’s whiskey selection is bound to shine in its sophisticated crystal design. This Globe Decanter & Whiskey Tumblers Set can also make a great addition to your scotch-lover’s home or office.

And if you’re gifting a husband, dad, or boss who already has it all, you can add something original to their collection with this Double-Walled Chilling Whiskey Glass for one, or these Glacier Rocks® Hexagonal Basalt Stones to pour neat drinks over.



Gifts for the beer enthusiast

Beer drinkware

Everyone loves drinking beer right out of the bottle, but they don’t have to. Even if you’re keeping it casual, these Beer Can Pint Glasses are perfect for beer night. You can also get this Beer Flight for when your beer lover wants to set up a variety of their favorites without the unattractive look of different containers. And because beer is a drink best served cold, gift your beer-lover one of these Beer FREEZE™ Cooling Cup Sets so they never have to worry about that. 

beer freeze chillable drinkware, two pack in context on bar

Beer-lover essentials

Besides drinkware, you can always get beer-lovers some accessories they probably don’t have on hand. We’ve got all the options you need depending on your budget and what kind of beer-lover your receiver really is, from this little Wall Mounted Bottle Opener to a full-on Compact Glass Door Beer Froster to display all their best picks…


Gifts for the host with the most

We all know one. This host has something for everyone – it’s hard to even know what to gift them. But for a host like this, you can never go wrong with some decor. It can be as simple as this Round Gold Serving Tray or Marble & Acacia Coaster Set. You can also pick from these classic bar carts that make any home more inviting. Why take people to the bar when you could bring the bar to them?


Finally, for a gift that pulls your host’s entire home together, take a look at this U-Chill In-Counter Cooling Cylinder they can place on any tabletop. Its innovative technology keeps all their best bottles at the right temperature for serving, and its sleek design fits right in with any interior.


Gifts for the home-bar starter

If you have a friend, family member, or work associate who’s just getting started with their home bar, you can’t go wrong with choosing one of our beverage centers as your gift. This Built-in Indoor/Outdoor Kegerator/Wine Fridge Combo is also a great idea to install in your home as a gift for yourself or spouse this holiday season!


If you’re gifting someone whose home bar is already in full effect, though, you can always get them some drinkware to help show off their bartending abilities. These Double-Walled Chilling Shot Glasses, Gem Crystal Martini Glasses, and Angled Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses are all great ideas. You can also select some home bar decor to fit their style.


Finally, make sure your home bartender has what they need to make the perfect cocktails with some essential bar tools, like this 7-Piece Muddled Cocktail Set or this sleek Gunmetal Mixologist Barware Set.

Gifts for the special holiday celebration

Are you invited to a Christmas baby’s birthday? Or maybe you’re celebrating a milestone around the holiday period. We love this festive Emerald Moscow Mule Mug that’s truly fitting with the holiday spirit. And because special occasions get even more special during this season, it’s always a good idea to bring out the champagne – in some new glasses, too. These European Crystal Champagne Flutes and this Gilded Stemless Champagne Flute Set are both lovely options.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

We hope this list helped make your holiday shopping easier. For more options you can always continue browsing through our collections, and don’t forget to call us if you ever need some assistance!