Wine is one of the most versatile alcoholic beverages around. Not only does it pair perfectly with meals, but it can also be used in cooking and has even been touted to have health benefits. However, there's something that many wine lovers don't know: Does wine freeze? And if so, what happens when you freeze wine?

Does Wine Freeze?

Although wine is capable of freezing, it's unlikely that you'll end up with a frozen block of wine. The average alcohol content in wine is 11.6% which is enough to keep the mixture from ever reaching 0 degrees Fahrenheit (or -17.7 degrees Celsius), as such a low temperature would force the water present into ice and end up separating from the alcohol content. So, in a nutshell, yes wine does freeze!

What is the freezing point of wine?

The freezing point of wine is around 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine freezes at a lower temperature than water due to its alcohol content. So, unless you live in a very cold area it is unlikely that you'll end up with an accidentally frozen bottle of wine outdoors.

Why Shouldn't You Freeze Wine?

Wine shouldn't attempt to be frozen for the following purpose: it's in a glass bottle. Liquid expands upon freezing & wine is not an exemption, wine will likely rupture the bottle that it's in when freezing. However, if your wine isn't stored in such a limited vessel then it would not be an issue & is perfectly drinkable after it defrosts.

However, if you chill the wine quickly, it will stay at a drinkable temperature for much longer. 

What Happens When Wine is Frozen?

If you've ever let wine chill for too long & had to dump out a frozen block of wine, then you likely understand why this wouldn't be appealing. As mentioned before, wines lack of chill threshold means that it would freeze solid and separate from its alcohol content & water. Instead of a smooth beverage, you'll have a slushy mess with ice chunks floating around! The taste may not be affected but no one wants an ice cube or two in their glass!

Chill Wine the Right Way

For those of you who want to chill your wine, but don't want to risk ruining the entire bottle consider using a wine cooler for this purpose. Wine coolers are meant specifically for keeping your wine at the perfect temperature until serving.

If you're wondering just how cold it gets inside of these devices, then allow us to shed some light on that question! Wine coolers typically have a cooling temperature between 40-65 degrees so that you can keep your wine stored at the perfect 55 degrees Fahrenheit or chill to a perfect serving temperature depending on the varietal, which means chilling your wine is no longer an issue! Wine coolers are perfect for parties or gatherings where more than one glass will be consumed & you can even rest easy knowing there's no chance of frozen wine with one of these magical machines!

Another way to quickly end up with chilled wine is to give it a nice ice bath in an ice bucket. This provides a beautiful presentation to your chilling wine without the worry of ending up with a frozen bottle of wine at your next dinner party.

Either way it is best to find the best way to alternative ways to give your wine a quick cool down in order to provide you & your guests with a nice glass of wine at the best serving temperature while preserving its flavors.

Uses of Frozen Wine

If you've accidentally froze your wine, then the good news is it isn't ruined. There's still plenty of uses for frozen wine whether it's red wine, white, wine or sparkling wine.

1. Use Frozen Wine for Cooking: Although we don't suggest leaving wine in the freezer, you can use frozen wine in your cooking! Use it in sauces & stocks to add a hint of flavor. Just thaw out the frozen wine before using it so that there aren't any chunks remaining from its ice form!

2. Use Frozen Wine to Chill Other Drinks: Got a drink too good for plain ol' ice cubes? Use frozen wine as ice cubes instead, wine cubes! The best part about this idea is that you can use your leftover wine to freeze as wine cubes & no one will ever know how much better the drink just became when they go and take a sip. They'll think you're just some kind of mind reader or miracle worker, but we all know the truth!  

Do we recommend freezing wine?

While you may end up with a wine slushy this doesn't necessarily mean your wine ruined your evening. Freezing wine may alter your wine's flavor. The best way to enjoy your wine is by following our tips in the article- chill it quickly & appropriately!

Is freezing wine recommended?

If you like your drink cold, then chilling it quick will produce the best results. We don't recommend putting it in the freezer but if you do take note that this may alter your wine's flavor.

Is frozen wine recommended?

There are plenty of uses for frozen wine, just make sure to thaw out any frozen parts before drinking!

Is cold wine recommended?

Cold or chilled wines can be great on a hot summer day or evening & require little preparation when compared to other drinks.

Does Freezing Wine Affect its Flavor?

In liquid form wine makes for a fine beverage but its flavor profile is altered when exposed to low temperatures for long periods in a standard kitchen freezer.

Wine may be frozen in order to make it last longer or keep it cool for guests, but thawing the wine causes the loss of carbon dioxide (CO2) which affects how wine tastes. Wine stored in a freezer should not remain frozen for more than six months due the change in its flavor profile. So make sure you don't forget to remove your bottles from the freezer if you want to maintain the best drink.