Wine coolers are the perfect home-friendly wine storage appliances. Besides displaying your wines beautifully, they upgrade any space. They also make any winter season cozier. So if you're thinking of investing in a luxury wine cooler – whether you're a connoisseur or just getting started with your collection – we have the right one for you.

How to choose a wine fridge

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your wine fridge – the first one being size. The size you choose will depend on your bottle capacity and the overall space you have for the cooler. You wouldn't want to get one that just fits your current capacity, though... you’ll want to leave some room for a few (or more) extra bottles!

Wine coolers also come in different styles. You have under-counter designs that you can build right into your desired area, or free-standing ones that keep your placement options open. And to make sure your wine cooler does its job right, you can pick yours with either a single-zone or a dual-zone fridge. A dual-zone contains two different temperature zones so you can adjust according to the type of wines you plan to store in each!

And last but not least, you want to consider your budget. Luckily, we have a range of brands for you to choose from – from the most lavish to the most affordable – so take your pick!

High-end brands

Let's start with our finest wine fridges. These sleek and high-end designs are top picks for deluxe homes, bars, and restaurants.

U-line - 24" 49-Bottle 5 Class Slide & Secure™ Built-in/Freestanding Wine Cooler (UHWC524)


A stainless-steel single zone wine cooler set in an undercounter kitchen cabinetry

  Single-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

This U-line cooler is our best-seller, and it's no wonder why! It fits up to 49 bottles while maintaining its simple, stainless-steel design. It can also be built into your preferred counter or left freestanding. This is not to mention its state-of-the-art modern digital controls and aesthetic LED lighting. If you're looking for a quick no-brainer choice, go for this customer favorite!

U-line - 36" 3000 Series Dual-Zone Wine Cooler w/ French Door (3036WCWC)

A stainless-steel dual-zone wine cooler, with its french-door wide open showing its seven wine racks

Dual-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

With some additional features, this piece is another U-line best. Despite its compact appearance, it fits up to 100 bottles. It also has 2 temperature zones and the French door allows you to open a zone at a time. If you're a fan of more than one type of wine, you'd do great investing in a dual-zone (here’s why)! So if you're looking for an under-counter, dual-zone, high-end wine cooler, look no further.

Perlick - 15" 20-Bottle Single-Zone Outdoor Undercounter Stainless Steel Wine Cooler (HP15WO-4)

A stainless-steel, right-hand hinge single zone undercounter wine cooler with its stainless-steel wine shelves rolled-out

Single-zone, Built-in

Finally, if you're going for a smaller yet still high-end wine cooler, you'll love this outdoor single-zone Perlick model. Its refined vertical look displays your favorite 20 wines in a presentable, minimalistic, yet deluxe way.

Mid-level brands

You can’t go wrong with these average-priced brands. If you don't want the high price point but still want a high-level aesthetic, check out this selection.

A borderless black glass door right hand hinge dual zone wine cooler with hardwood shelves and blue LED lighting system

Dual-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

Made by our best-selling brand, this wine cooler fits up to 44 bottles. With its modern digital control features, aesthetic LED lighting, and dual temperature zones, this choice provides quite the high value for your money – simply put!



Allavino - 47" 56-Bottle/124 Can FlexCount II Tru-Vino Side by Side Stainless Wine & Beverage Center


Allavino - 47" 56-Bottle/124 Can FlexCount II Tru-Vino Side by Side Stainless Wine & Beverage Center (BF 3Z-VSWB24-3S20)


Multi-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

Like most of our collection, this wine cooler has all the modern digital control options. But if that’s not enough, this cooler also doubles as a beverage center! Instead of getting two separate fridges for your home, you can store your soft drinks, cans, and beers right next to your wine collection in this 3-zone appliance.


Allavino - 24" 99-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler (AO YHWR99)

A black door dual zone right hand hinge wine cooler with hardwood shelves set in a freestanding mode in an all-white dining room

Dual-zone, Freestanding

If you're quite a big collector and you're looking for a mid-range priced dual-zone cooler, take a look at this 99-bottle best-seller by Allavino. It's one of the most convenient models -- freestanding design, compact placement for your wines, and an unmissable deal!

KingsBottle - 24" 166-Bottle Built-in/Freestanding Single-Zone Wine Cooler (KBU170WX)

A borderless black glass door right hand hinge single zone wine cooler with wooden shelves set in a built-in cabinetry

Single-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

Finally, if you're a really big collector, this KingsBottle is perfect for you. Its LED lighting and beech wood shelves make the perfect visual. And with a 166 bottle capacity, you can keep your collection growing for years!

Affordable brands

Lastly, if you're on a budget but still can't help splurging on a wine cooler, don't worry… We've got what you need. These fridges do the job for the price of a smartphone (or less)!


Smith & Hanks - 15" 32-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-in/Freestanding Wine Fridge (RE100006) - Glass Door

A black cabinet, stainless-steel trimmed door dual zone wine cooler set in an undercounter built-in setting with green-theme cabinetry

Dual-zone, Built-in/Freestanding


Our most affordable wine fridge, this Smith & Hanks model is a best-seller. You can display your wines on any budget in this 32-bottle fridge without sacrificing features like dual temperature zones, built-in/freestanding options, modern digital controls, and aesthetic LED lighting.

Smith & Hanks - 24" 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Stainless Steel Trim Glass Door Wine Cooler (RE100002)

A black cabinet stainless steel trimmed door dual zone right hand hinge wine cooler set in an undercounter built-in setting in wooden cabinetry

Dual-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

At a slightly higher price, this Smith & Hanks model remains a great choice. It fits 46 bottles and includes all the modern features along with adjustable shelving. It makes the perfect cooler for an average-sized standard collection.

Whynter - 24" 100-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler w/ Rack & LED Display (BWR-1002SD)

A black cabinet stainless steel trimmed door single zone right-hand hinge wine cooler with wooden shelves set in a freestanding setting with black cabinetry background

Single-zone, Built-in/Freestanding

Finally, for a big collection but a not-so-big budget, you'll love this 100-bottle wine fridge by Whynter. With a LED-lit top display for 6 of your best wines, modern digital controls, and both built-in and freestanding placement options, this cooler is your all-in-one.

Choosing the perfect wine cooler

There you have it, our list of top best-selling wine fridges for your home, from the high-end to the affordable. Whatever your budget (for a fridge of your own or a wine-lover’s gift), we have the cooler for you. You can get into even more details on how to choose your perfect wine fridge with our Ultimate Wine Cooler Buying Guide. And if you still need some guidance, you can always contact our home bar appliance experts through our live chat or give us a call!